Wednesday, February 10, 2010

White Lace and Promises

Song of songs just rolled back the years to 18 December 1993 for me. This was the day I said, “I do” to my hubby Mark. Me dressed up in my white lace and satin wedding gown and Mark looking so handsome in your black tux. My heart still skips a beat when I recall the DJ playing our song, “We’ve only Just Begun” by the Carpenters. And my listening to the lyrics at this point in time, without a doubt has a very different meaning for me now. It is very apt now! It means more than the words itself. On that day- our wedding day, I was so naive and blinded by my love for Mark. I couldn’t think straight. Every moment was a blur. I vaguely remember the promises we made to each other and then it was me sipping away at a glass of champagne and not long thereafter being whisked off my feet to our honeymoon in George. There was no time for thinking about “So many roads to choose or we start our walking and learn to run.” All I wanted to do was “fly before the rising sun.” It never crossed my mind to breathe a word about “sharin’ horizons that are new to us.” Let alone “watchin’ the signs along the way.” And there was no mention about “ talkin’ it over, just the two of us... workin’ together day to day, together... We were both on cloud nine. And who could blame us! We were madly in love!

So, seen that Valentine’s Day is on our doorstep here’s my love letter to you my one and only sparky!

Dear Mark,

At times when I’m awake, I often wonder what goes on in your mind when you’re sound asleep. I listen to your quiet breathing. Do you dream of me? ... I’m always thinking about you. I smile as I remember how your eyes twinkle when we steal a kiss in the kitchen before the kids barge in. They always tease us – and tell us to stop,” coochy coeing!”

Of course, our marriage has gone through many seasons. How can I forget the wonderful summer seasons? The seasons that brought us those two little miracles called David and Nicola. And then there was that chilly winter season. I thought we’d never survive that! But with God’s grace we’ve made it! Yes, when we decided to put our hands in HIS and walk closely with HIM through those tough times, there was no turning back. I’m so glad that our marriage has entered this new season. I call it the season of hope and promise!

Looking back now, we have so many things to be grateful for. Yes, there are so many blessings to be thankful for. I know now that God has designed this love of ours like an unbreakable seal. I pray that God will help us to be forever faithful to each other. I know that with a little bit of patience, we could learn to love and serve each other just like God our Father.

I hope this love of mine will keep on burning for you like an almightly flame.

Your true love,


Prayer: Thank you for blessing us with the gift of love, marriage, children and relationships. Lord, let us never forget to show you how grateful we are for all your mercies. Amen

Love and Reality

When I read the Song of Songs 8:5-7, I noticed that the young woman in the song depended on Solomon. She was so happy because he offered her the support she dearly needed. But, the young woman also wanted everyone to know that she belonged to Solomon. She understood that if she made a vow to Solomon that, that commitment would be binding. In her mind, she knew that they would have their fare share of trials and tribulations. The young woman was also aware of the fact that she would not be happy all the time. But, she was determined to be committed to Solomon. Despite everything, she vowed to stand by him through thick and thin. The young woman strongly believed that her love for Solomon would grow stronger during the battles that they might face. She was certain her love for Solomon would last forever.

But, there is only One Love that would stand the test of time. The only love that is everlasting is God’s love. And nothing can stand in the way of true love. We can never be separated from Christ’s love. No matter what we’re facing, God’s love will always be with us. His love is a free, precious gift. All we have to do us trust God’s love.

Song of Songs 8:5-7

[the chorus of young women of Jerusalem]

5. Who is this coming from the desert?

She is leaning on her lover.

[the Bride]

I woke you under the apple tree.

It was the place where you were born.

It was the time when your mother struggled at your birth.

6. Keep me near you like a *seal.

Keep the *seal on your arm

because love is as strong as death.

Strong love is as strong as death.

It quickly becomes like a flame.

And that flame becomes a great fire!

7. If love were like fire, then even plentiful water could not put it out.

A river can be powerful.

But nothing can stop our love.

A man might offer all his wealth for love.

But someone else would not want this offer.

How fitting are these verses of “Song of Songs” for you on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2010? Does it conjure up the romantic in you?

Or does it make you think about love in the real sense of the word?

Prayer: Lord, help us to rely on your love no matter what trials we’re facing. Grant us the grace to share the precious gift of your love with those who don’t know you. Amen.

Be Blessed,