Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

Give thanks to the God of heaven. 
His love endures forever (Psalm 136:26).

Well, it’s that time of season again. Valentine’s Day!  LOVE is in the air and cupid seems to be pointing his silly arrow everywhere. Of course, I can virtually smell the pink and red roses, white lilies and honey blossoms.  And, in my mind I’m already savouring... that delicate, scrumptious, decadent chocolate truffles filled with mouth watering peppermint.  But, I frown when I think about the shopping malls all sprinkled with, love messages, gifts and trinkets for all to splash out on.  That’s taking commercialism to the max!  I have to admit though, that if we had a chat about romance, passion and the works about a year ago, I would have told you that love was not supposed to be like a “Mills and Boon” novel.  Get out of here! 

Yes, it’s that ordinary, quiet girl in me talking again.  This is the very same girl that hides behind her round rimmed glasses and hardly holds a conversation.  She only speaks when she’s spoken to. Can you believe that she’s the same girl that has written love poems most of her life? Yet, she refers to herself as not being much of a romantic. That’s outrageous, I know!  

Now let me permit you into another secret.  If you took a stroll along the streets, you wouldn’t have found her:
  • Cuddling up with her guy in public
  • Writing love notes to Him in the sand
  • Whispering sweet nothings in His ear
This was just never her ‘kinda’ thing. It would have been too un-cool. Embarrassing! Yuk! She was too much of straight laced, prim and proper girl who you’d never find crossing that invisible social line. This was just a no, no. I know, what' you're thinking!  You’re right! She must have been nuts!

I must have been nuts!

But, if you posed that same question to me again right now, I’d definitely answer you differently.

Of course, I’d look at my guy with dreamy eyes.

I’d even blow Him a kiss across a crowded room and wait... patiently for Him to whip that kiss back at me.

I’d clasp His hand in mine and take that romantic stroll on the beach until the moon kissed the sky a sweet night.

Okay!  Of course I’d whisper words in his ear, but these words would not be sweet-nothings. Nor would it be words laced in emptiness.  No! The words would be words of love rolling freely from my lips. These words would be coated in patience, kindness, unselfishness and trust.  Naturally, this love might not be a love that is:
Perhaps this love will not endure all things, like the love of God our Father.  And it definitely won’t be a love that never fails. It might not be a love that stands the test of time.  But, this love could possibly be a love filled with hope and promise.  And, with God’s grace this love of ours will at least be able to withstand the chilly winter season.

Prayer:  God, let us not forget to thank you for showering us with the self-less, precious gift of your love. Teach us to love one another with a love that is patient and kind. Amen

Be Blessed,

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